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COVID-19 Preparedness Plan 2021

  1. Preparedness Plan
    Athletic associations using Little Canada fields/facilities will be required to submit a COVID-19 operations plan before field and facility use is allowed.

    Plans will be reviewed by the City of Little Canada - Parks and Recreation Department for general compliance with Federal, State, and local guidelines applicable to the type of organization submitting a plan and with consideration for City-supported facilities and maintenance.
  2. i.e. Not allow the individual(s) to participate, encourage the individual to go home immediately and contact their healthcare professional, notify the entire league, etc.
  3. 10. a) Will you keep an attendance log or registration form?*
  4. 13. a) Do you need additional support from Parks & Rec for your activity?*
  5. Agreement of Terms*
    Failure to comply with or enforce the preparedness plan may result in revoked privileges and using City's park facilities.
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