No Mow May

The City announced in April 2023 their plans to participate in "No Mow May". This month-long initiative encourages residents to let their lawns grow wild and uncut, to benefit pollinators and other wildlife. By participating in No Mow May, we can all do our part to support the important pollinators that play a vital role in our ecosystem. 

Pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and other insects, are essential to our food systems. They help to pollinate around one-third of our crops including fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Unfortunately, pollinators are facing a range of threats, including habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change. That is why initiatives like No Mow May are so important- they can provide a crucial source of food and habitat for the important critters. 

No Mow May is a great way to kickstart a more pollinator-friendly approach to lawn care. By making a few simple changes, such as planting pollinator-friendly plants, avoiding pesticides, and leaving some areas uncut after May, we can all do our part to create a more biodiverse and sustainable environment for pollinators and other wildlife. 

Join us in participating in No Mow May this year, and see how you can make a positive difference for the bees, butterflies, and other insects that are so important to our community!


Interested in creating your own pollinator garden? 
Click here to view the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's article on "How to Build a Pollinator Garden".