Pioneer Park Planning

Pioneer Park Improvements

2023 Improvements

After an extensive engagement effort, completion of the Phase I Pioneer Park Master Plan, and securing grants, donations, and other funding sources, new improvements are coming to Pioneer Park in the summer of 2023. 


  • New all-inclusive Playground
  • Water Feature
  • Stormwater improvements with native and pollinator-friendly plantings
Pioneer Park Playground 2023

Pioneer Park is one of Little Canada's largest parks. This large 33 acres community park was developed in 1991 and currently serves Little Canada residents and surrounding areas. As a community park, we want to make sure that the park is genuinely serving the needs of the city.  

The Phase I Pioneer Park Master Plan (PDF) is now completed. City staff is currently working on an implementation plan for the identified projects.

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Community Engagement

To create a long-term vision for the future of Pioneer Park, it was important to provide an all-inclusive engagement strategy. The engagement strategy included three different areas. Those areas were - Youth Engagement, Focus Groups & Individual Interviews, and a Community Survey.The results and analysis documents of each of those areas can be found here:

Results from the engagement process will help direct and guide Parks & Recreation Commission and City Council on decisions for future Pioneer Park projects and enhancements.

Email or call 651-766-4045 if you have any questions about the Pioneer Park Master Plan project in general.

Pioneer Park Layout 2023
  1. Bryce Shearen, CPRE

    Parks & Recreation/Community Services Director