Community Survey

In August 2018, 400 randomly selected Little Canada households were sampled via telephone interview. It took an average of 24 minutes to respond to the 120 question survey.   

According to the survey consultant, The Morris Leatherman Company, there were a lot of positive changes since the previous survey that was conducted in 2011.


  • 92 percent of survey respondents indicated that the City of Little Canada was headed in the right direction.
  • 88 percent of survey respondents felt a strong sense of community in Little Canada.
  • 96 percent of survey respondents felt that the quality of life was favorable in Little Canada.
  • Overall, Little Canada residents like the location, access to amenities, and small town feel.  

2018 Community Survey Documents


Peter Leatherman, from The Morris Leatherman Company, was in attendance at the October 10, 2018, City Council Meeting to give a presentation on the results from the Community Survey.  Click the video below to watch the presentation.