Facility Use Policy

This policy is intended to govern the use of the Little Canada City Center by non-city entities. City functions have first priority for use of the facilities in question. Regularly scheduled, non-city uses would have the second priority. All other uses would be on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to staff determination.

Building Access

The areas of the building to which access would be granted are limited to the lobby, restrooms, conference rooms, lounge, and council chambers. Access to other areas of the building is to be allowed only with specific permission by city staff.

Approved Groups

Access to the City Center is limited to adult-based, non-profit groups with a civic purpose and community benefit. Access is not allowed to groups created for private benefit or gain, or groups which are merely "social" in nature. These groups are welcome to rent the Old Fire Hall for their meetings as long as they meet the rental criteria. Examples of groups approved for use of the Little Canada City Center include:

  • All Parks Alliance for Change
  • Canadian Days Committee
  • Lake Gervais Association
  • Little Canada Historical Society
  • Little Canada Recreation Association
  • Little Canada Townhome/Condominium Associations or Neighborhood Groups
  • Other groups of which the city is a member and/or may be hosting a meeting

Any group not included on the above list would have to make a written letter of application to city staff. This application must document the group's purpose, background, key officials, and intended functions to be conducted in the building. Staff will review the submittals and decide whether the group meets the parameters established. If the request is denied, the group would have the option of appealing staff's decision to the City Council.

Political Groups

Town meetings or candidates' debates sponsored by the city or League of Women Voters are allowable uses of the City Center. Cable TV coverage of these types of meetings will be provided upon request.

Use of the City Center by political groups and/or individual political candidates representing the Little Canada area is allowed for meetings at a $100 charge. Cable TV coverage is not provided for an individual candidate.

Fundraising Prohibited

Use of the Little Canada City Center for fundraising activities is not allowed.

Town Meeting Use

Elected officials, except during campaign seasons, would be allowed the use of the Little Canada City Center for town meetings where the purpose is to inform the public. No charge would be imposed.

City Staff Presence 

For any meeting that the City deems a staff presence is required to open, supervise, and secure the building, a charge for this service will be imposed.

Issuance of Keys

Issuance of keys and/or security codes is at the sole discretion of the City Administrator.

Revocation of Use

The privilege of using the Little Canada City Center and its facilities can be revoked at any time due to misuse of the building or other issues of concern as determined by the city.