Public Works

We are responsible for the maintenance and repair of Little Canada's city streets, city parks, sidewalks and trails, and public parking lots. In addition, we maintain and repair the municipal water system and the sanitary and storm sewer systems. Our Public Works Department consists of six full-time employees and as many as seven seasonal employees. Feel free to contact us at any time with your questions, comments, or suggestions.

After-Hours Emergencies

Please call Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department with any after-hours public works emergencies, including sewer backups, water leaks, and street problems. To reach the Ramsey County Dispatch Center (Non-Emergency) call 651-767-0640.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program

The City of Little Canada has a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Permit from the MPCA.  The permit involves having a storm water pollution prevention program (SWPPP) that was developed so that public agencies can help reduce pollution in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, etc. The existing permit is expired and all cities have applied for a new permit for the next seven-year cycle. Little Canada's SWPPP is posted on the MPCA Strom Water Website and is open for public comment from 7/27/21 through 8/27/21. Please submit any comments to the MPCA or the City of Little Canada and the City will respond within the 30-day comment period or within seven days of the expiration of the comment period. The SWPPP document can be found here:  

2021 SWPPP Document (PDF)