Traffic Enforcement Program

As part of our law enforcement contract with the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO), we receive the benefits of an excellent traffic enforcement program. 

The key components of this program are as follows:

  • Speed limit enforcement takes up the majority of time for the unit. Statutory citations and administrative citations are issued to violators depending on the circumstances of the stop.
  • Equipment deployment is another key component. RCSO utilizes two speed display trailers, two speed display boards, and a Metro count survey system to increase awareness of speed limits and to document problem areas. This equipment is set up in approximately 100 locations throughout the seven contract communities (Arden Hills, Gem Lake, Little Canada, North Oaks, Shoreview, Vadnais Heights and White Bear Township). A volunteer unit assists with the deployment of this equipment.
  • Advisory notice letters are sent when a concerned citizen reports poor or dangerous driving behavior and has obtained the license plate number of the vehicle in question and a description of the vehicle and/or driver. When the complaint information matches the vehicle registration information of the owner, a letter is sent to the owner that describes the violation or behavior.
  • Traffic safety grants are coordinated for all agencies of Ramsey County by our traffic unit. These grant dollars are used to pay for overtime and benefits associated with a saturated patrol. These saturations are done periodically in designated areas throughout the County and typically focus on seat belt usage, child restraints, DWI enforcement, speeding, and distracted driving. The total grant funds received for all agencies in Ramsey County for 2010/11 was just under $600,000.
  • Commercial vehicle enforcement is utilized in the spring of the year to address overweight vehicles on our city streets in an attempt to minimize damage to our roadways. Inspections are also conducted of commercial vehicles throughout the year to address equipment and other safety violations. RCSO has developed an effective plan for responding to traffic complaints, educating motorists, and enforcing State statutes and city ordinances. If you have traffic enforcement concerns, please let us know and we will involve our traffic unit to seek an appropriate resolution.