Utility Billing
Little Canada's Water Tower located behind Little Canada City Center at 515 Little Canada Road East.
Little Canada's Water Tower located behind Little Canada City Center at 515 Little Canada Road East.
Welcome to Little Canada's Utility Billing Department! 

Little Canada buys its water from the City of Saint Paul.  Our water is very soft -- only 4 grains hardness.  Water softeners are not necessary. 

Sewer, water, and refuse bills are sent out to residents and businesses quarterly.  Our customers are given approximately 30 days to pay their bills before a late penalty of 5% is assessed.  For your convenience, there is an after hours payment drop box located at Little Canada City Center next to the front door.

Utility bills consist of an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper with an enclosure payment envelope.  If you have questions please call 651-766-4038. 

Are automatic payments available for my utility bill?
Yes! Simply complete and submit the application enclosed below to City Hall. Enrollment in this convenient program is optional. You will still receive an invoice, however once the program is initiated, no action is required on your behalf. Here's how it works: Your payment for the full balance due on your account will be deducted from your checking or savings account approximately one week before the due date. Please direct your questions to 651-766-4029.
Do you accept credit card or online payments?
Currently, we do not accept utility payments by charge card.  We accept cash or check only.  However, you can pay your bill by automatic withdrawal (more on this program above).  For your convenience, there is an after hours drop box at Little Canada City Center where you can deposit your payments.  Please deposit checks only in this box.
Do you have an after hours payment drop box?
Yes, our payment drop box is located at Little Canada City Center next to the front door.  Please deposit payments by check only.
Do you offer a discount for senior citizens or disabled persons?
Residents age 65 and older and disabled persons may apply for a discount on their utility bills.  Eligible residents receive half off their water service charge and half off the sewer base charge.  The income guidelines for qualification are as follows:
Family Size          Gross Annual Household Income
1                                  $30,050         
2                                  $34,650
3                                  $39,000
4                                  $43,300
Fill out the application below and bring it into Little Canada City Center along with your proof of income.
I am moving. How do I schedule a final billing?
Final bills can be scheduled by using our online form, by calling us at 651-766-4038, or by emailing us.
What are Little Canada's current water, sewer, recycling, and refuse disposal rates?
Little Canada's utility rates are as follows:

$3.40/1,000 gallons (1st & 4th quarters/Winter Use)
$3.51/1,000 gallons (2nd & 3rd quarters/Summer Use)

Sewer - Residential (connected to city water)
$43.64 per quarter minimum charge (up to 7,000 gallons of water used). $3.80/1,000 gallons of water used after minimum based on water usage recorded during the 1st quarter billing.

Sewer - Residential (well)
$50.00 flat rate per quarter

Sewer - Commercial & Multi-Family (8+ units)
$43.64 per quarter minimum charge (up to 7,000 gallons of water used). $3.80/1,000 gallons of water used after minimum.

Water Service Charge
Every property owner with water available to them is charged a water service charge.  This charge is for maintenance of the water mains.  The current rate is $13.50/SAC charge as assigned by Metropolitan Council.

State Surcharge
Every property owner who is connected to City water is charged a State surcharge for the State of Minnesota's lead testing program.  The current rate is $1.59 per quarter.

Refuse Disposal/Recycling
Every owner of a single family/duplex dwelling is billed for refuse/recycling on their quarterly utility bill.  The line item for refuse disposal and recycling will read "Disp/Rec Ser" on your billing statement. To view the current refuse/recycling rates, please visit our Refuse Disposal web page.   

Who should I call with a question on my utility bill?
Contact our Utility Billing Department at 651-766-4038 or by e-mail with questions.
Why is my water usage so high?
Some reasons for high water usage are as follows:
  • Outdoor lawn watering.  Lawn watering during the summer months can increase your water bill by a substantial amount.
  • Slow leak somewhere in the home/business.  Check toilets, faucets and water softeners.  When you know that no one is using water, look at your water meter....if the dials are moving, you know you have a leak somewhere.

Water meters usually slow down when they break.  Our Public Works Department will test the meter if you wish.  However, if nothing is found wrong with the meter, you will be charged for this service.

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