How do I start a Neighborhood Watch Group?

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department’s Crime Prevention Unit is here to serve the residents of Little Canada. Our goal is to increase the quality of life of everyone who lives, works and plays in the city. We strive to complete this mission through several programs including the Neighborhood Watch Program and home security checks.


A Neighborhood Watch Group is an association of neighbors who agree to look out for the safety and security of every member of their neighborhood. This is done by neighbors getting to know each other and through continued communication with each other. The Neighborhood Watch program works to educate its participants in the principles of deterrence, detection, and the reporting of crimes and suspicious activity. This program has proved to be one of the most effective and least costly answers to preventing crime in a neighborhood. Once the watch is established, Neighborhood Watch signs are posted on your streets. These signs say it all "Criminals beware...this neighborhood cares. Protected by Neighborhood Watch."

Home security checks are conducted by the Crime Prevention Deputy or a Community Affairs Officer free of charge to residents. During the home security check, we look at the current level of security that your door locks and windows provide you and we make security recommendations to make your home a less desirable target to potential criminals.

Contact Us

For more information, contact the Crime Prevention Officer at 651-266-7339.

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