Stormwater Utility Fund


The city operates a vast network of infrastructure to handle stormwater throughout the city. In 2023, the City Council established a Stormwater Utility Fund to pay for all costs related to maintaining and upgrading the city’s stormwater infrastructure, which includes ditches, swales, catch basins, manholes, culverts, ponds, rain gardens, and issues such as flooding and sinkholes. 

This is an approach that nearly all other metro-area cities have been using for many years. The source of funding for the Stormwater Utility Fund is fees collected from all properties with the quarterly billing cycle. Collection of this fee will begin with the April utility bills (Q1 2024) and will be collected quarterly. 

Notice of this new fee was provided in Q3 2023 bills, city newsletters, city e-newsletters, and online.

View past newsletters for additional background and background information:

2024 Utility Rates

Category2024 Quarterly Fee2024 Annual Fee 

Single family/ townhomes

$20.50 per unit

$82.00 per unit

High-density apt/condo/manufactured home park 

$92.25 per acre

$369.00 per acre


$143.50 per acre

$574.00 per acre


$51.25 per acre

$205.00 per acre

Frequently asked questions about the stormwater utility fee

Q: Why now?
A: The City of Little Canada is one of the last communities in the metro area without a Stormwater Utility Fund. A dedicated fund to address stormwater allows the city to better address aging infrastructure. 

Q: Who does this fee apply to?
A: This fee applies to all accounts in the City of Little Canada. The base fee, developed by city engineers, represents the average impervious area of a typical single-family lot. This base was modified for each property category to ensure equity.

Q: When does this take effect?
A: The first quarter bill in 2024. The first fee will appear on your April 2024 bill. 

Q: What if I am on the Little Canada border or live in another city?
A: Only one city will assess you for a stormwater fee, and is determined by the city your utility bill is paid to.  

Q: Is this an annual fee? 
A: This fee is broken into quarters based on an annual charge. The rate will be considered annually for adjustments along with other utility fees. 

For additional questions, please call City Hall at 651-766-4029.