Curfew rules are the same in all Ramsey County cities

The curfew ordinance requires juveniles age 15 and younger to be home by 10:00 p.m. every night of the week, and those age 16-17 to be home by midnight. Curfew applies to any public space, such as streets, parks, highways, and schools. Curfew also applies to public establishments, such as movie theatres, restaurants, and bowling alleys. Teens accompanied by a parent or guardian may be out after these deadlines (see exceptions below).

The curfew ordinance contains several exceptions, including if the juvenile is:

• With a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult

• At work or in the process of going to or coming from home or work

• Involved in an emergency

• Going to, attending, or coming home from a supervised school, church, or recreational activity

• In front of his/her own residence

Curfew compliance and enforcement is essential for prevention and intervention. To protect youth from becoming a victim, or in trouble with the law, all public safety agencies enforce the Ramsey County Curfew Ordinance.