Dog Licenses

A license is required for all dogs over the age of 3 months in Little Canada.  A license is not required for cats. However, only three pets (dogs/cats) are allowed per household.

Licensing helps the City insure that dogs are properly vaccinated against rabies.  It also helps the City, and Animal Control identify lost animals, returning them to their owners.    

Here's what you need

  • Current certificate of rabies vaccination.
  • Proof of spayed/neutered, if applicable.
  • License fee: $20 not-spayed/neutered.  $15 spayed/neutered. 
  • License is valid for 2 years from date of issue.
  • Dog License Application (PDF)

How to submit

  • Mail to:  City of Little Canada, 515 Little Canada Road East, Little Canada, MN, 55117
  • Place in our drop box located to the left of our main entrance.  This drop box is checked multiple times a day Monday-Friday.
  • Once processed, we will mail you a copy of the license application along with your dog's tag.

Things to remember

  • Dogs must be on a leash and under owner's control at all times when not on owner's property.
  • Pet waste must be cleaned up in your yard and on walks, and must be disposed of in a proper container.
  • Dogs cannot unreasonably disturb the peace with barking.
  • Ordinance, Section 1101, Little Canada Municipal Code.