Cost for Services

The City of Little Canada negotiates all rates with the haulers.  The same rates apply city-wide for each of the three haulers.  Residents are charged according to the size of their trash containers.

Residents are allowed to make a change to the size of their trash cart once per year. Contact the City of Little Canada if you would like to request a change.

Billing and service questions should be directed to the City of Little Canada at 651-766-4038.  You should not have to call your hauler for anything.

Effective January 1, 2023, monthly rates are as follows: (these rates do not include taxes)

Organized Collection
Trash / Recycling

30 Gallon$11.33$33.99
60 Gallon$14.51$43.53
90 Gallon$18.46$55.38
2 or more carts$22.22$66.66

Extra Trash

If you have more trash than will fit in your cart on a given week, you MUST call the City of Little Canada to schedule to have the additional trash bags picked up.  Residents are charged $3.00 per extra bag of trash. 

Yard Waste Cost (Optional Service) - 2023

Monthly (April - November*)QuarterlySeasonal
$12.25Varies by quarter$98.00

*Yard Waste does not get charged December thru March.


All residents are billed for organized trash/recycling collection by the City of Little Canada.
Individuals who fail or refuse to make payment will have their outstanding amount due assessed against their property and made payable as part of their annual property taxes with the addition of late fees and administrative charges. 

  1. Colleen Schoenecker

    Utility Billing Clerk