Museum Collection

Original Grist Stones

Our museum collection includes a montage of items representing the area's past. Our latest acquisition (on loan) is the original grist stones from the Ben Gervais Grist Mill. These stones were rescued from the bottom of the Gervais Creek where they had been discarded.

1930s Kitchen

On permanent display are various items including a 1930's kitchen including a cream separator, Dr. Ostegren's safe, and artifacts from St. John's two earlier church buildings.

On Display

Displays change periodically but include themes such as: 

  • Bottles dug up in Little Canada
  • Doll collections
  • Farms
  • Fire department
  • Military
  • Miniature replica of Little Canada Road in the 1950's
  • Schools
  • Tools
  • Woodworking
1930s Kitchen Display
Historic Saint John's Church